We are a global platform for women & trans people working in film, video and audiovisual media. Join us!

Woman with a Movie Camera is a platform for trans/cis women and all genderqueer/trans people working in film and video, including mainstream, independent and experimental filmmakers. Directors, technicians, producers, writers and visual artists are all welcome to join and participate, as well as distributors and critics/scholars. We are committed to increasing the visibility of women and non-binary/trans people working in film and video, improving funding and working conditions, and increasing access to equipment, training and education. 

The films that interest us challenge patriarchy, heterosexism, transphobia, racism, ableism and classism. WMC actively supports cis/trans women and genderqueer/trans filmmakers because their work is often ignored by the mainstream and marginalized within avant-garde and academic circles as well. Our initiatives include an annual screening series, which we launched in New York in June 2014 and is now the NYC Feminist Film Week; a digital archive of feminist film; and education/training workshops.

To subscribe to our mailing list and receive a monthly newsletter with our upcoming events, news and updates, please email us at info(at)from5to7(dot)com with “Subscribe” on the subject line. 

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Film Magazine, Issue 2
Women & Film Magazine      Issue 2


WOMAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA photo above from Women & Film Magazine (Issue 2), the first feminist film magazine in the United States, founded in 1972.



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